USB-Powered Fast Food For Thought

Everyone knows the perfect gift for any geek is the USB coffee cup warmer. I personally have over 75 of them, gifts from family and friends who don’t understand that geeks are human beings, not just coffee-drinking computer addicts.

The days of warming only a cup are over. The Brainwave is a microwave. That plugs into a USB port. Crazy though it seems, this has never been done before. The USB microwave is an invention that will have geeks cheering and chefs bawling, but one thing is now certain: The days of getting up from your desk to prepare lunch are over.

But wait. If your mind wasn’t already boggled, prepare for it to be so. The Brainwave also contains another stroke of genius, in the form of RFID tags on the fork that comes with the meals that are scanned by the Brainwave to determine the optimal cooking settings.

Joking aside, the RFID idea seems to me to have more legs than the idea of a USB-powered microwave. The problem as always and with everything is that the food makers and microwave manufacturers would all have to settle on a universal standard. So, nevermind then..

Source: Dornob

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