We’re Talking About the Man in The Mirror… Literally.

Reflective, weird and it probably hurts to sit down on his lunch break but hey, it attracts attention, right? This so-called mirror man is half glass and half human. Yes, a person is really under all that glass, in broad daylight, probably sweating his ass off. The price we pay for coolness.

This all-angled guy was seen in L.A amusing a group of passerbys. The costume actually belongs to a street performer who wore it outside L.A’s Griffith Observatory. As you can see, the suit covers the man from head to toe.  The suit consists of small and large pieces of glass. With just enough space between pieces to allow him to walk and move into various poses for his loving fans.

Detailed areas such as his hands, consist of extremely small pieces in order for him to get even the smallest amount of movement in his fingers. His face is made of extremely small pieces also but unlike the rest of his moveable body, he doesn’t speak, nor does he blink. He doesn’t have to do either of those things to be Mirror Man.

Source: Designboom, IllusionScene360

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