Windows Phone 7 Release Nears

I’m probably not one of Microsoft’s biggest critics, but I’m certainly no fan. I was however pleasantly surprised when they announced Windows Phone Series 7 back in February. Apple might be riding high in the mobile world right now, but the one thing that will ensure Apple remains sharply focused is strong competition.

Microsoft has been plunging the depths of mobile user interface with Windows Mobile, the single least innovative, ugliest and poorest performing of all mobile platforms, so it’s announcement of a new mobile platform that isn’t built around the concept of squeezing MS Office into a 3″ screen caught plenty of people off guard.

These latest screen shots prove that Microsoft’s next generation mobile OS is nothing if not unorthodox. It’s bold, monochromatic look and feel seems like it might get old quickly, but it’s certainly distinctive, and right now anything that doesn’t smell like iPhone is like a fresh spring breeze in the mobile market.

Source: WindowsPhoneSecrets

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