Dropped Your iPad? Grow Some Ballz

Guys. Guys. You NEED too see this. If there is one thing you need to see today, it is this. I just choked Ensure all over my keyboard. Yeah, I drink Ensure, so what? No, wait, my sullied keyboard is not what you need to see. No, come back, here, I’ll show you.

This is iBallz. Possibly the stupidest-looking iPad accessory you’ll ever see, iBallz may also be the most useful. Basically, it protects you iPad from falls. But based on the geometry of this thing, I’m willing to bet it would also protect it from intentional throws. There’s really not much more to say about this thing’s function. That is all.

But the function is not what has me trippin’ ballz – it’s the branding. There’s a brilliant triple-entendre going on here: iBallz (Apple), eye balls (uh… eye balls), and balls (testicles)… it’s blowing my mind. Kudos to the marketing team, which I can’t imagine was more than one man. Perhaps his name was Gus. Kudos, Gus.

Saving the best for last, head over to iBallz’ website and listen to the worst (and for that reason, catchiest) rap jingle ever recorded.

EDIT: Jesus, it even comes in colours such as ‘Grey Pride’ and ‘Blue Ballz’. Gus burned some midnight oil on this one, for sure.

FURTHER EDIT: Oh, wait, here’s the theme song right here. Saving you clicks – it’s what I do.


[Via GearLog]

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