Early Images and News About Windows 8 Leaks

Microsoft has been bragging recently, but deep down its still hurt and offended that some of you prefer Apple toys.

Some leaked documents provide some insight into Windows 8 and the thinking behind it, and apparently Microsoft wants its users to think of its products just like they do Apple’s.

A minor service pack for Windows 7 is due shortly, but will consist mostly of bugfixes, with no significant feature additions.

The slides mention Apple by name, noting its high quality, uncomplicated user experience, closing with the statement “This is something people will pay for!”.

The release appears set for 2012, noting that common hardware will include USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and integrated camera ubiquity.

Arguably the most interesting feature appears to be the energy efficiency of the new OS. A new feature which combines hibernate and log off will allow Windows systems to boot, shut down and sleep extremely quickly, ensuring lower energy requirements.

All in all the slides give away more of Microsoft’s internal planning and development cycles than any actual Windows 8 features, but it’s still an interesting peek behind the curtain. I’m sure somewhere along the line Microsoft will find a way to add a basic, home, home premium, professional, uber and ultimate versions to confuse and water down the product cycle.

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