eyeSight Wants You To Look Like an Android Wizard, Literally

Man, is it just me, or has gesture interface technology been a big thing lately, both Techi-side and abroad? Seems everywhere I look, tech manufacturers hither and yon are preparing some sort of gestural dealie. While that’s cool and all, and I like the idea of gesture being a possible future, this one in particular seems a little extraneous.

This is eyeSight, and it has a really uninspired name. Nevertheless, eyeSight wants to be an interaction solution for Android-based devices. It’s a pretty simple concept: you wave your hand in front of your device, and the camera interprets your movements into commands. Pretty simple, and a novel way to interact with a phone.

But frankly, I don’t see this replacing touchscreens any time soon. Would anyone here honestly choose waving their hand around their phone like a cheap magician over the simple, already-intuitive – not to mention tactile (insofar as you’re at least touching something) – elegance of a touchscreen? Not me. The gaming application in the video down there seems extra-ridiculous. Touchless gesture just doesn’t seem to be a good fit for a mobile platform.

What do you guys think? Does eyeSight have legs? Maybe watch the video, first. Chew on it. Muse for a bit.


[Via GigaOM]

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