Get Your iPhone Pregnant and Suffer The Consequences


Do we all remember the Tamagotchi craze in the 90s? Those annoying little digital playthings made up of only a few pixels made my life hell for a good week before I traded mine to a friend for a full tube of Pogs (we were all so cool back then). Well if you were one of those who missed the craze by either being too young or too old, there is another digital cry-box in town and this time its purpose really is just to annoy.

The Durex Baby app for the Apple iPhone aims to annoy users, more specifically male users, into buying Durex condoms. It could work, it could not. It doesn’t help that the target market for the app was at the prime age when the Tamagotchi thing happened and I can’t see any of us wanting to go back to that.

It works like this: download the app, get freaky with a friend’s iPhone and pow! you now have a crying, pooping and burping baby with huge eyes ready to make your life miserable. It’s like a computer virus; only worse, you know you have it right away and it likes to remind you every 15 minutes that it is there. The kicker? To kill the program for good you’ll have to go out and buy a box of Durex rubbers and scan the barcode into your machine.

An interesting concept really, even if it is just a very overt advertisement, but I cannot see it being anymore than just another weeklong annoyance before I grab a box to shut the thing up for good.

Source: Fubiz

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