Hollywood Gets Even More Fake With A New Virtual World

Well, I guess it would be only a matter of time before Hollywood got their hands dirty in the virtual world; as if the “real-life” Hollywood world wasn’t fake and scripted enough already.

Virtual 3D Hollywood is the new project by GBK, a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company. The premise is to allow players, that’s you, into the world of glitz and glamor as only Hollywood can deliver. The whole thing looks pretty similar to Second Life, which was fun for like a day if you ask me (call me old-fashioned but I would rather have conversations and deal with drama face to face and not through avatars).

But if Second Life is something you consider a worthwhile way to spend your time and you can’t get enough of celebrity break/hook-ups, new inductees into celebrity rehab, or Brangelina’s new African baby adoption this could be perfect for you.

The first event on the docket is the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, allowing users to mix and mingle with stars in a virtual recreation of the event that will run along side the real life awards show. A live performance by Katharine McPhee is planned. Quinton Aaron (somebody tell me why this is someone to be excited about), nominated as Best Break Out Actor at the MTV Movie Awards, will have his own 3D avatar for the event.

When there are no events, users can kick it in their own penthouse (complete with speedboat or helicopter), or travel the “Virtual Celebrity Islands”, which are going to be gifted out to celebrities as the social network grows (it would be pretty cool if I could virtually egg Meryl Streep’s lodge).

It all looks to free at the moment; at least to sign up, get an avatar, and get on the guest list for the MTV Movie Awards event.

Take a look at their website and sign up here.

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