I Am T-Pain App Gets Video Viral


If you’re one of the millions who downloaded and used the notorious I Am T-Pain iPhone app then hit your upgrade buttons today, as you’ve got an upgrade you just might like.

The latest version is wrapped up in lovely iOS4 improvements, but also offers a fab feature for the iPhone 4 — you can use that front-facing video camera to film yourself singing along to something or other while using the Auto-tune feature.

Then, assuming friends, family or concerned neighbors haven’t made some kind of intervention to save you from future workplace embarrassment.

You can even send those clips right up to the sky, to developer Smule’s own servers, or to the social network of your choice.

Expect millions of these auto-tuned popular music ‘events’ to hit the internets.

On release, the original I Am T-Pain iPhone app saw over 1.5 million people make and share 30 million recordings.

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Jon Edwards enjoys The Mighty Boosh, Can, John Lydon and Roller Derby.

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