Infinite USB? Right On! And on, and on, and on…

The word ‘infinite’ is pretty versatile – infinite wisdom, infinite kung fu, infinite shrimp buffet. It’s a buzz word, and one that can make one stand in awe of whatever it is making a claim of infinity. Infinitec has it in their goddamn company name, so it stands to reason they’re hoping your aforementioned sense of awe will extend to all their products.

Enter the Infinite USB Drive, a device whose description sounds too good to be true. The USB drive in my pocket as I write this has 8 gigs, and every time I need to transfer a season of Star Trek it seems it’s always 8.1. Infinite space certainly would be a boon, wouldn’t it?

Of course, they’re using the term ‘infinite’ pretty liberally in this case. The Infinite USB Drive is really more a dongle that allows USB-equipped media devices in your home to stream content from your computer. After installing the software to the host computer, you can fill a playlist of however much content toots your vuvuzela, and the client device sporting the drive will read it as if it were a regular USB drive – allowing me to finally watch all seven seasons of my grainy YouTube-quality TV rip of TNG on a 65″ high def screen hooked up to a PS3 without having to make several trips.

By the looks of this video I’m posting to make this article appear more robust, this thing works mighty fast, although the drive is sitting, like, 4 inches away from the host computer, so more realistic circumstances have yet to be seen. A new concept? Not really – but this is one of the most hassle-free media streaming devices I’ve seen to date, and at a price point of $129 bucks, it’s also one of the most reasonably priced.


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