Lights Out for Kimmel – Talk Show Host Breaks Out His Webcam


Here’s a weird one. Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! was all the more live: due to a power outage on-set on Monday, Kimmel, ever-resolute, ever-resourceful, decided to film the episode entirely on his MacBook and air it last night. Hey, the show must go on.

Partially, this reeks of shenanigans. In these two clips, most-to-all of the power is, in fact, on. Now, I’m not an electrician or anything, but in the second clip especially, it seems the only thing not working is the cameras. Curious. And what about Kimmel’s laptop? Surely he didn’t tape the whole episode on his battery alone. Hell, maybe he did, I haven’t used a MacBook in a couple years now.

Whatever the case may be, the web show aesthetic was a cute move, and served to break up the typical talk show monotony. And by ‘monotony’ I guess I mean ‘production quality’.


[Via All Things Digital]

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