Magazines On Your iPad? It’ll cost ya

With the death of print in full swing with the popularity of e-books and e-newspapers on the rise, magazines will now be making the leap to the iPad. The price will be much more than their ink and paper ancestors.

A new post from AdAge has posted the magazine pricing for the iPad, and it doesn’t look good for the tech-savvy reader hoping to transfer all his or her subscriptions over to Apple’s device.

We’ll start out with some comparisons; a year of Popular Mechanics will cost you only $12 for the magazine to be delivered in its original print format but to get it on your iPad it will cost you more than twice that amount ($29.95). An annual subscription to Wired bought through Amazon will cost just $10, but one issue for the iPad will cost you half of that.

Publishers wont be having to pay for all that extra ink, postage and paper, so why so much? Well, you have to calculate in all the extra programming needed for interactive designs and features, new workflows, and researching new technologies, and you can begin to see why creating the iPad version of any magazine will be more expensive.

Lets face it though, they will sell like hotcakes whatever the price. And there is always the fact that new technologies are always going to end up dropping in price; even e-books are now cheaper than their print equals.

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