Modern Family Producer Reflects on The iPad Episode - 'Too Far'...Um, Yeah?

Long ago, in the before-times, far too far back to make any use of Techi’s search bar, I fingered Big Steve for that episode of Modern Family. You know the one, yeah? The iPad one. I’d link you, but seriously, it was awhile ago. I had a video and everything. Actually, you know what? I like you – I’ll manually root through some old posts and find it while writing this one.

Anyway, while you sit back, and scratch your chin thoughtfully, and think ‘Gee, Ty’s such a swell guy’ – and truth be told, I am – I may as well tell you what’s up. Awhile ago, ABC aired an episode of Modern Family that was, for all intents and purposes, a giant iPad commercial. Seriously, look it up, it’s shameless. Apparently, ABC thinks so, too.

“It may have gone a little too far in hindsight,” said Modern Family producer Jeff Morton at a Producer’s Guild conference, adding that “the public thought it was a giant sellout” that “sort of backfired on [ABC].”

A little far, you think? Well, as promised, I’ve found my old article, but the video was pulled, rendering it useless. So, failing that, check out this equally despicably shameless clip. I swear this is a real clip of a real episode of a real television program. Yeah. You really only need the first 30 seconds to get the idea.

Now, according to Morton, neither 20th Century Fox nor ABC were compensated by Apple for this episode, which sort of reads to imply that they therefore actually came up with this episode of their own volition. Talk about sitcoms being the bottom of the TV barrel. This is, of course, giving Big Steve the benefit of the doubt. Y’know, what with him sitting on ABC’s board and all.

This is exactly why I don’t watch television, guys.

[Via LA Times]

Written by Ty Dunitz

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  • websnap

    I thought the episode was funny as hell. it didn’t matter if it was about the iPad or any other gadget, real or otherwise. It’s about how much of a child some of us can be (no that I’m admitting anything) for gadgets we think we need. Obviously it was exaggerated but his reactions weren’t that far off from some peeps I know.

  • hahaha… It’s cool and funy

  • I agree with websnap. It was pretty darn funny and althoughh an obvious ad, still a great ep!

  • This show is actually really funny. I love watching it. Very clever.

  • Honestly guys. If they were not compensated then it is not “selling out”. Websnap has it right about people wanting to feel that childish giddiness that you would get when ever you got a present.

    I think this episode was a really funny one and if they were to use a “fake” product as Phil’s obsession it would have been corny. People need to relax a bit, it is OK for sitcoms to use real life events and products in their production people!