New Bike Add-On Allows For Phone Charging... The Green Way

The green movement has stopped being just about saving our dying planet and has become the fashionable thing to do. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing, as on one hand it gets a group who wouldn’t normally care to be pulled into the movement involved, but on the other we lose the reason and passion of what began the movement in the process. This new phone charger from Nokia looks as if it will walk the line between the two, balancing green power and posh-ness.

Nokia has come up with a way to charge your phone using the static electricity created by your rotating tire on your bike, therefore charging your phone while riding around town. The bike charger kit will include a DC-14 phone charger, a phone holder that you can attach to your bicycle, a dynamo (used to power the batteries), and a bunch of other accessories to install the device on your bike. The charger will be compatible with any phone with a standard 2mm charging jack.

After it is installed, the kit will charge your phone when you ride the bike at speeds in excess of 6 km/h. Nokia has suggested that the speed of the bike should be over 12 km/h for best efficiency.

Now, Nokia has said it will be focusing on developing countries where electricity may be sparse; a pretty noble move in my eyes; it could do some good in countries like India or China where the bike is a common means of transport. The best part is that it will be completely affordable with an $18 price tag.

If this bike charger ends up being successful, Nokia has stated that they will be bringing it to European markets later this year; most likely North America will follow. And after that… I prophesize that the tabloids will be showing our “green-conscious” celebrities riding their bikes cell-phones in tow.

Source: Dvice, TechTree

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  • Absolutely fantastic product, its a wonder why innovative new green technology takes so long to enter the mainstream. Hopefully we’ll see more of this type of bike innovation.

  • Tejeswarara Rao J

    i want some new projects in electrical

  • Excellent – If they add a hands free kit that would just about top it off. Might be a little hard for others to hear you though