Paid Apps Stay at the Top of the Charts Longer Than the Freebies

According to a new study of recent chart activity on the App Store, apps that are costing money are more “sticky” on the top apps chart than free apps.

Distimo released the study today revealing that many apps considered paid apps are much more likely to hold their spot on the top of the charts for longer periods of time than their free app brethren. Lately there has been a trend of apps on the App Store going free, and the charts have been changing rapidly with each new free application lasting only an average of one week, while some paid apps held their spot at the top of the charts for over a hundred days.

There could be many reasons for this trend, but only one really stands out as a viable explanation: people who buy paid apps are more likely to take the time to make sure the app gets recognized. They can do this by getting high ratings, favorable reviews or just through good word of mouth. Customers who use lots of free apps (that’s me, the college took all my money) tend to buy their apps, abandon them within the week and not take the time to rate or write reviews.


Source: TUAW

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