Pull Your Life Together With Threadsy

Threadsy - Pull Your Life Together

Threadsy - Pull Your Life Together

Several years ago, we were satisfied with our preferred chat network. We were eager to connect with our friends, family and contacts via instant messaging.

Then social networking crept into our lives. Now, we are overzealous in our quest to add as many friends as possible on Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz.

Many of us are finding it hard to keep up with our networks, while some of us are reveling in the social chaos. With everyone jumping on the social networking bandwagon, web apps like Threadsy found a niche to pull all of your social threads into one place.

Threadsy is a TC50 finalist (Techcrunch’s endeavor to showcase the best Web 2.0 startups to venture capitalists, companies and the press) that has been in closed beta for 7 months. Now they have opened up to the public but they are still in beta stage and continue to receive great reviews. Threadsy is a one-stop solution to check and update your email, Facebook activities and Twitter streams. Instead of logging into your various inboxes and networks, you can do all this from Threadsy.

Having used Threadsy as a closed beta tester, I could see how easy it was to perform my social networking tasks. With one half of the interface providing emails and messages sent directly to me, I could quickly review important items. The other half of the layout includes all content sent to my networks.

Threadsy also gathers data about a person who has sent me information. I can then explore more about any individual who has contacted me. Threadsy calls this the ability to focus on an individual a pivot. Threadsy also has deep integration with Twitter and Facebook. This integration allows you to like, dislike and/or love content. You can follow/unfollow people on Twitter as well as update your status on either social network.

Threadsy’s filtering capabilities as well as the pivot feature received praise from VentureBeat. Rob Goldman, founder of Threadsy, informed Techcrunch that an iPhone app and Android app are being developed. This will allow you to pull all of streams of communication together while mobile.

On the Threadsy blog, there is a list of features that have been implemented since their release with a new wider and cleaner layout released for the public beta. Here is a list of some of the best Threadsy features:

* Social signature – a signature you create that links to your preferred networks
* Retweet across several Twitter accounts
* All of your chat networks on the same page as your inboxes and social networks – no more switching between apps to communicate

Opening their services to the masses could not have come at an opportune time. Hot on the heels of the Threadsy public beta, other all-in-one apps made announcements about their services. Gist delivered a Google app for Gmail integration. Microsoft gave preview access to Web 2.0 Expo attendess to Spindex, their social integration service. Silentale has announced the availability of their personal CRM service. Also, on the Twitterverse, Pipio is gaining traction among social media activists.

Only time and number of tweets will tell if Threadsy will dominate the all-in-one service niche.

By Mikael Pittam

Mikael Pittam is an online journalist for Technorati, the San Jose Examiner (Social Media) and BlogCritics. He is a project manager for MQube, a web design and development business. Happily married to a wonderful, super creative wife. Mikael enjoys expanding the social media experience. Mikael's lifestream: http://flavors.me/mikael. Follow him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikaelpittam

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