Safari 5 Makes Browsing Faster

Apple has released it’s new version of Safari. The latest version of the popular web browser, Safari 5, boasts a performance boost and many more little additions to make users lives a bit easier.

This update adds Bing search and secure sandboxed extensions. As well, there will be support for more than a dozen new HTML5 technologies.

“Safari continues to lead the pack in performance, innovation and standards support,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “Safari now runs on over 200 million devices worldwide and its open source WebKit engine runs on over 500 million devices.”

Safari Reader is included with the new browser, making it easier to read single or multi page articles by presenting them in a scrollable view without the additional content or clutter (even those pesky ads). To switch into the Reader view all users will need to do is click a single button on the tool bar.

The whole thing is powered by the Nitro JavaScript engine, making it run 30 percent faster on the Mac than Safari 4. This is achieved by its use of Domain Name System (DNS) prefetching and improved caching of previously viewed pages.

Available for Mac or Windows, the update is available for download from Apple’s website or via Software Update on Mac OS X in a relatively small 39.1MB update.

Source: AppleInsider

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