She Deafened Me With Science: DJ LHC Spins Its Own Hits

IDEA TIME: Let’s stop talking about iPads and shit for a minute, yeah? Yeah. Let’s just rap about this and then I swear I’ll show you a cool case or something, alright? Just settle down, we’ll get back to your regularly-scheduled mobile-and-mobile-accessories in a second.

Y’know the Large Hadron Collider, that thing that was supposed to kill us and end existence (and, depending on your school of thought, may have already done so)? As much as the LHC is all about quantum death, it’s also about beautiful music.

Check it, and behold a series of pieces performed by the LHC’s Atlas detector, which, in layman’s terms, more or less scans for Science in the LHC’s underground lair. “The detector is divided up into very thin wedges and a note is played if there is a track or cluster within the wedge,” say LHC researchers. “The pitch is determined by how much transverse momentum (for tracks) or energy (for clusters) is deposited in each wedge.”

As an ambient music fan (Roach 4 lyfe, yo), I’m pretty tickled at how cool some of these are, and blown away by how planned some of them seem to be. Totally wicked awesome stuff. I’d say more, but it really speaks for itself. Just listen.

Alright, I’m done. you can go back to iPhones, or whatever else it was you wanted to read about.

By tydunitz

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