Toshiba Takes Aim at the iPad with the Libretto w100

Oh dip. This is a sultry unit. Toshiba is celebrating its 25th anniversary by dropping a true iPad killer into the fray.

Billed as a ‘concept product’, a limited quantity of the Libretto W100 are being released into the wild as a test to see if consumers will dig it. Hell, I, for one, dig it. Just look at this thing. With a 62gig SSD, 2gigs of RAM, dual 7-inch screens at 1024×600, Bluetooth, WiMAX, and, perhaps most importantly, Windows-goddamn-7, the Libretto W100 sounds a lot like the future of mobile computing we were all hoping the iPad was going to be. This is a real computer, running real, grown-up software. Exciting stuff. Perhaps the press release puts it best: “This new libretto is yet another showcase of the company’s technological laptop prowess.” They’re still using the word ‘laptop’ – the way it should be. Eyes on the prize, folks.

Before you go, I know you want to see a guy hold this thing and rotate it around a bit, so check out this video. The guy behind the camera laughs at his own jokes a bit and brings a flavour of subtle awkwardness to this interview. It’s awesome. They also talk about a 3D laptop or something, but I shut the vid off at that point – I’m focused on the future of computing, here.


[Via CrunchGear]

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