World’s Biggest Stickybit Turns Everything Digital.. And Tiny

Barcodes, those tiny black and white stripes on stuff we buy have been around for ages, but they’re boring. And small.

No longer. Blue Fountain Media is a company with a dream, a dream of turning those boring tiny codes into massive, not-so-boring codes, and to prove their commitment they’ve created the world’s largest Stickybit.

Stickybits is their idea for making everything digital – everything has barcodes, and now cameras on cellphones are so ubiquitous, Blue Fountain Media has brought these two simple facts together to allow you to scan barcodes and ‘tag’ your stuff.

Scan your CDs and DVDs. Scan your food. Scan your office stationary. Anything with a barcode becomes a digital item that can be included in a text message, email or social media.

This is an interesting, innovative idea that should finally gets kids off their Pokemons and scanning and swapping information about real life stuff.

Source: Blue Fountain Media

By tobyleftly

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