WWDC 2010 Kicks Off

Today marks the start of WWDC 2010, the day when iPhone users begin to see their once beloved devices as tired, old hat in much need of replacement.

Last year’s WWDC saw new MacBook Pros, the release of Snow Leopard, iPhone OS 3.0 and of course the iPhone 3GS.

This year Summer Santa is expected to bring us the iPhone 4G without too many surprises (thanks a bunch, Gizmodo) and some more news aboout iPhone OS 4.0.

Other news is less obvious. Mac Mini stocks have been dwindling, normally a sure sign that new models are due. Some have been talking about Apple TV updates, although this has never been a primary focus for Apple.

Apple Insider is reporting that Safari 5 with support for Bing and more HTML5 support could be due. The hot news this morning however, is a multitouch trackpad peripheral, the first official device to bring multitouch to your Mac.

Personally, I’m hoping for Apple to at least set aside the iPhone, iPod Apple TV and iTunes Music/App Store and give us Mac users something fun and exciting. It seems like Apple has so much on the go these days, the Mac is always an afterthought, just the box that people plug their cool Apple devices into.

The excitement starts at 10am (pacific time), 1pm (eastern time) and if you’re somewhere else in the world, just check this page.

Update: AT&T has announced new eligibility rules for upgrading to the new iPhone, allowing a greater number of users access to the new model. AT&T customers can check out this page to see if they’re eligible and what the cost will be.

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