Yahoo Bags Beckham for World Cup Coverage - This Is Good, Right?

Oh, Yahoo, you’re this, you’re that, you’re everything and nothing. What are you up to now? Uh… David Beckham, you say? Then again, I guess the World Cup starts in… Oh, Jesus, three days?! The hell have I been? I guess Yahoo’s not exactly got a bad idea recruiting Beckham. But why?

Beckham’s part of Yahoo’s latest effort to… uh… be, I suppose, and will be serving up exclusive World Cup and football content for 2010-2011, pimping Yahoo’s products all the while. The goal (ahem, goooooooooooal) of the campaign is “to drive more people to search, use and talk about Yahoo! through exciting and experiential demonstrations of our unique ability to bring my world and the world together”.

Sounds cool, Yahoo. But, um… yeah. I’m confused here. Yahoo’s been getting a lot of flak over the last couple weeks months over exactly what it is and trying to be – you know, as a company. There seems to be astonishingly little focus. Now, they’ve imported the finest vintage Beckham to… what? ‘Bring my world and the world together’ (as a slogan, that’s about as graceful as falling down a flight of goddamn stairs)? You’re the boss, Yahoo.

Yahoo’s direction (or lack thereof) aside, football fans will get to connect with Beckham personally during his stint at Yahoo via Yahoo Mail, Messenger, and the like, which kind of totally rocks! But seriously, who’s going to be at their computer during the World Cup, anyway?

[Via TechCrunch]

Written by Ty Dunitz

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