48ers.com New Real Time Social Search Engine

There are a lot of these real time social search engines cropping up to unseat the Scooplers and OneRiots of the world, and many of them just don’t do a good job. 48ers.com, however, actually manages to both search in real time (which many of them actually don’t) and organize the results into a cohesive whole that is easy to scan.

Released by three brothers from the UK, 48ers.com currently searches Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Google Buzz, and Digg in one interface. What is the point? Companies, both large and small, will find 48ers.com invaluable when trying to track real time buzz about promotions, products, or anything else that they want to track.

Written by Angela West

Copywriter by day, Angela's ultimate dream is to open a Fallout-themed pub featuring authentic Squirrel on a Stick and wait staff with Pip-Boys.

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  • Mark Stebbins

    There are going to be more and more sites like this coming out. When it comes right down to it one really isn’t any better than the other. Don’t get too excited as there is a next best thing right around the corner.