Have We Already Been To Mars?


Watch this. Study it. Chew on it for awhile. I’ll let the original source say his piece.

I was emailed this video by my brother who lives in Canada. He told me that is shows (so he was told) a joint US/Russian expedition to mars in the late 1970’s. When I asked him where he got this video, I expected him to say some “friend of a friend of a friend nonsence”, etc. But he said a colleague of his downloaded it off some russian video site only 2 days ago. I have taken the liberty of creating a Youtube account and uploading this video so that I can get some input on this, as if this is proven to be real, there is going to be some serious questions to answer.

You goddamn better believe there will be questions to answer. My opinion? Yeah, 99% chance it’s a fake – if this were a real video from the 1970s, you’d think there would be SOME sort of film degradation. This practically looks HD. It’s also suffering from possible ‘too much shakey wavery focusy camera in AfterEffects’ in an attempt to make it look real.

But whether it’s real or not is not the point. Imagine that infinitesimally small chance that it is real? That we’ve been in orbit of Mars before, searching for ruins. It’s fun to think about. You’d think that if the US and Russia were going to take a flight to Mars, though, they’d at least take the time to go down to the surface for awhile – travel time one-way is 8-10 months. Seems like an awfully long trip for a couple grainy 480p videos.


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