iPad + Velcro Takes To The Sky

A while back someone found this quirky page on the Apple website showing one possible use for an iPad. Apple was extremely careful to note right on the page that “tweeting from the street” is possible but not necessarily advised, and should be done at users’ own risk.

Well, you ain’t seen risk yet.

With new Apple mobile devices gaining accelerometers, GPS and now gyroscopes, they’re practically born to fly, but iCub plans to go one step further. With a range of small bush planes priced between $75,000 and $100,000, iCub provides iPads with each purchase, fully loaded with a number of applications.

The iCub’s apps are GPS, navigation and custom flight control based, but included is iHUD (I kid you not) a mostly educational tool to help new pilots visualize the functionality of electronic flight equipment.

Of course the iPad already provides functionality to display in-flight movies and entertainment, which may not be such a great idea in a one-man plane.

The manufacturer stresses that the iPad is an accessory, rather than an actual mandatory flying instrument, but clearly there is a possible application for mobile devices to be used in cars, planes and other modes of transportation.

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