Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 Won’t Be Like KIN

I’ve written about Windows Phone 7 a few times, usually with some level of surprise at how much I’m looking forward to seeing the device in action and how good it looks.

But the KIN has thrown that into doubt for a lot of people. How can we trust Microsoft after a disaster as massive and obvious as KIN?

Well, Microsoft has a cunning plan, a devious plan to ensure that more people get a Windows Phone 7 .. um.. phone. They’re giving every single employee a phone at launch.

With 88,000 employees this is no small task. Like Apple with the iPhone launch, Microsoft knows that putting phones in their employees’ hands raises the profile of the device and ensures that a core level of geeks and their friends and family get a glimpse of their product.

Of course, this only works if the phone actually lives up to the hype. Gizmodo has a copy of an email from Andy Lees, Microsoft Mobile Senior VP announcing the strategy.

“With all the buzz, a lot of you are asking how you can get your hands on a phone and get more involved. So, I am thrilled to announce that a new Windows Phone 7 will be made available to every Microsoft employee as we launch in each market around the world. The process will vary based on your market, your carrier, and your launch date so stay tuned for more information closer to launch.”

At least with this strategy, more than 503 people will be using it..

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