Prop Designer is One Daft Punk


Maybe you’ve heard of Harrison Krix. But you probably haven’t, so let me give it to you straight: this man is awesome. A prop designer based in Atlanta, Krix’s work speaks for itself. And frankly, no one will ever be able to say he isn’t one of the biggest Daft Punk fans currently among the human population of Earth.

Taking 17 months out of his life to develop the ultimate homage, Krix has built an Arduino-powered working replica of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s trademark blinky-shiny LED helmet. If you’d like to know how to make your own, simply watch the video and, as Krix himself advises, “don’t blink.” Quite honestly, this is the most badass fan prop since the fan-made Portal Gun, which, not surprisingly, was also made by Krix. Our go-to guy for geek-chic replicas, for sure. I wonder if he’d be interested in building me the Quake 3 quad rocket launcher.

For a closer look at the helmet’s sparklies in action, the second video below will show you what beef is.


By tydunitz

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