Remember MySpace? They’re Finally Making Some Changes

Remember when the social media war wasn’t just between Facebook and Twitter, with Google nipping at both their heels with weird and mostly ineffectual efforts? Us neither.

But apparently a long time ago there was this thing called ‘MySpace’ that a couple of people used. It was ugly, and never worked particularly well, and allowed people to do awful things like have music play when you visit their profile.

MySpace found some success among musicians looking to throw together a simple fan site to upload music to, but socially they couldn’t compete with Facebook. Now they’re fighting back.

MySpace is leveraging their one ace in the hole and pushing profiles to the limit, an area Facebook has been as yet unable to fully dominate.

Sean Percival, MySpace exec posted to Twitter that he had a “clean new profile” and linked to his MySpace page, surprisingly clean and cool-looking.

Since Google’s efforts at toppling Facebook have been mostly weird and ineffective, and Diaspora is still ramping up, we need someone to step in and take on the privacy-stomping beast. Could it really be MySpace though?

By tobyleftly

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