RIM Planning to Release iPad Competitor Blackpad in November

Blackberry is hoping to get all up in the iPad’s business with a new tablet device being released in November, claim a fuzzy source of “two people familiar with RIM’s plans”. The device will be roughly the same dimensions as the current iPad.

The name of the device will be Blackpad, and will feature a full touchscreen and a slideout QWERTY keyboard for typing e-mails, which, let’s face it, would be a nice addition to the current iPad. The Blackpad is just one of many tablet devices slated for later this year and in early 2011 to try to grab some of the market share away from Apple’s iPad.

Written by Angela West

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  • Amber Lane

    RiM also registered the domain “blackpad.com” which pretty much confirms they are releasing a tablet PC. Also, why does everyone have to call their tablet PC the “something pad”? I hate that with a passion.

  • RIM is doing their best to stay relevant since there once stronghold on the wireless market is clearly weakening.