The Queen Is On Flickr

We are not amused. The royal family now has a Flickr account to add to their Twitter account and YouTube channel.

While you may think the shared photos might be boring, portrait shots of the Queen and her kin, but actually the gallery contains some fascinating glimpses into the history of the royals.

With around 30 sets ranging from collections of shots of each of the royals, there are a few gems hidden in there too. A set titled ‘Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Early British Photography’ contains shots of Victoria and Albert from 1878.

Unfortunately, comments are disabled (boo!) but this is probably for the best.

With a total of 600 photos, and more sure to follow, it’s great to see the royals modernizing and trying to stay on top of technology.

I’ve got to ask the question on everybody’s lips though: Is the Queen an iPhone or Android user?

By tobyleftly

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