Yoda Makes a Bunch of Cheesy Star Wars References, Tells You Where Dunkin Donuts Is

If you’ve taken part in the civilized world in the last couple years and/or drive an automobile (the two terms are mutually exclusive more often than you’d think), you’ve been privy to the trend in celebrity GPS voice skins. My personal favourite has and will remain Gary Busey, but this is adorable. Adorable, guys.

Not content to settle with their enormously successful Darth Vader GPS skin, TomTom have now released the logical counterpoint; Yoda, complete in all his throat-clearing, sentence-twisting obfuscation. If you really like Star Wars that much, you should probably do yourself a solid and check this out.

I often wonder about these iconic GPS voices, especially when we start entering the realm of really distinct characters like Darth and Yoda. They’re meant for entertainment value, correct? …Isn’t that, like, gonna up the rate of vehicular manslaughter? I would be way too fixated on chuckling to myself to pay attention to A) my directions and, perhaps more importantly, B) the road. Maybe it’s just a good thing I don’t drive a car.

At any rate, there’s a video. I’m sure that’s what you came for anyway. ‘Ooh, the little play button overlay,’ you thought to yourself, ‘instant gratification.’ Consider yourself officially gratified.


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