A Dating Site for Virgins. What's Next, a Dating Site for Unicorns?

The Internet is a beautiful place. Filled with almost limitless information on any topic imaginable, chances to connect with huge groups of people that have the same love for dressing up as animals that you have and now, a site just for virgins.

Youandmearepure.com was made by Lety and Jose Colin and is not meant for geeks who simply haven’t had sex ‘yet’ but for those who wish to save themselves for marriage.

Here’s a quote from the couple:

“We are still happily married despite that we entered marriage intimately inexperienced. But like everything in life it takes learning and we have been having each other to accomplish that. Some people may overlook the bonding power of virginity,” the site explains. It continues with some very deep thinking: “Virginity as an important common aspect between people can lead to close friendships, or can even serve as a mutual precious gift of marriage.”

The site has a free basic membership but gold and silver memberships can cost upwards of $50 a month. You can also buy V-cards and bracelets to share your innocence with the world.

Written by Kole McRae

Kole McRae is made from the parts of lesser writers. He was built to destroy Ty Dunitz but ended up just writing tech news and eating Ramen noodles all day. He writes for Techi and Geek Juice.

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  • That Guy

    LOL… I’m not sure what else to say.

  • Andy Ward

    I can imagine all the creepy non-virgin guys stalking the even creepier guys pretending to be virgin girls. *shudder*

  • @Andy Ward

    Have you ever been to 4chan.

  • We at mediabistro.com remember the good old days, when such match-making was a more civilized and personal affair, like on The Dating Game.

  • fter a couple has been dating for a while, they might realize that they’ve found “the one.” They spend every day and night together. Inevitably, feelings will progress and one of them will pop the question: