Acer Predicts iPad Market Share Will Drop to 20%…They’d Better Have Somethin’ Good

Sometimes, I like to think I’ll be famous for something, some day. In fact, on a good day, I firmly believe it. I pound my fist on my desk and declare knowingly that there’s nothing but sweet life ahead. I think, sometimes, we all have that feeling of invincibility. That we’ll overcome any obstacle. That we’ll be celebrated. That we’ll be seen.

So, really, I don’t think Acer chairman JT Wang is entirely batsh*t for making the claim that by the time the tablet market has ‘stabilized’, Apple’s share of it will have plunged from 100% (okay, not really 100%, but not far off) to 20-30%.

JT is a firm believer in openness, and touts Android as the champion that will eventually prevail over Apple’s walled garden, referencing the operating system’s recent conquest of the mobile market. He predicts that as Apple’s rivals – including Acer itself – ultimately get their asses into gear, we’ll finally start to see chinks in Steve’s armor.

And honestly, he’s probably not wrong – 20-30% is still a reasonably enormous chunk of market share for Jobs and Friends. But you know what, JT? You really wanna make good on your prediction, and take a bite out of Apple? Push the envelope! The iPad is pretty, but by no means a marvel of technology. You have every opportunity to innovate, rather than imitate.

Based on that picture up there, though…


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