All Star Wars Movies Coming To Blu-Ray

If you’re a geek with a pulse you probably know that Celebration V, an expo focusing on all things Star Wars, has been going on in Orlando.

The event which ends today has given us many great images, such as the life size Tie Fighter, and storm troopers with lettering on their backs to spell out Jon Stewart’s name.

The last picture was a nod to Stewart who interviewed George Lucas, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher on Saturday.

Lucas waxed nerdy, talking about how the production team spent hours trying to get the R2-D2 droids moving in a straight line on the first Star Wars movie.

The big news for moviephiles though is that all six Star Wars movies will be coming to Blu-Ray in 2011.

The release will feature some new documentary footage, some additional special features and behind the scenes clips.

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