Apple’s Covent Garden Store: Go Big or Go Home

You may be aware Apple’s Covent Garden location opens in London tomorrow. If you’re not reading this from Britain, you’ll probably demand to know why you should give a damn, right? Well, apart from being Apple’s biggest store yet, the CG location boasts dedicated wings for every Apple product, spaces for group learning and professional training, and, perhaps more importantly, the largest stock of iPhone 4s and iPads on planet earth.

Perhaps its just me, but is anyone else kind of getting all hot and bothered by the architecture of this place? The glass-and-stone motif is really turning my crank, and the sheer volume of space is enough to moisten the loins. It all looks much more sensible than that Fifth Avenue Rubik’s Cube, at the very least.

Yes, yes, a video. Lucky for you, I happened to have this walkthrough of the store by Electric Pig stashed in my pocket. But no more whining. I can’t just be giving you sweet eyefuls of things left and right.


By tydunitz

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