AutoCAD Returns To Mac With A Bang

It’s been 18 years since AutoCAD ran on Macs, but now they’re back – and boy are they back.

After a short period of existing only within the Windows realm, Autodesk is bringing their CAD software back to the Mac.

Not only will the new version run on Macs, there will be an iPhone and iPad version too.

In what might appear to be a gloomy announcement for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7, Autodesk is finally acknowledging that a large segment of the high end computer market isn’t choosing the Microsoft route.

With the Mac consistently growing it’s market share, it was finally time for a big software name to return to the platform.

The new version of AutoCAD will cost $3,995 for both Mac and PC, and an iPhone and iPad compatible release is expected soon.

With a closed loop of devices including the iPad, AutoCAD users could take their files with them on-site, offering a significant productivity boost.

By tobyleftly

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