Google Comes Under Fire For Its Net Neutrality Stance

Plenty of people are up in arms about Google and Verizon’s Legislative Framework Proposal, but on Friday the company faced a very public response to the issue.

Essentially the two companies suggest that the internet could be viewed differently depending upon whether one is using a broadband internet connection from home or work or via a mobile device on a 3G or 4G network.

Bloggers and online news sources have attacked Google for this, claiming that they benefited from an open internet that they are now trying to section off.

A small group of protesters gathered outside Google headquarters to let the company know that they weren’t impressed with Google’s position.

The group carried signs saying “Google Don’t Be Evil” and “Save The Internet”. A petition of over 300,000 names was delivered to a Google spokesperson.

Google has posted a myth-busting post at, where users are encouraged to comment or provide feedback on the proposal.

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