Google’s A-Comin’, and Facebook’s Locked Down for War

It’s no secret that Google is clearly ramping up for war with Facebook in the social network sphere. Fortunately, Google products are typically hideous, so Facebook certainly hasn’t got much to worry about in the GUI department. But that aside, Mark and Friends aren’t taking this new challenger lying down. Especially when the challenger is Google.

Zuckerberg has apparently put Facebook’s headquarters on ‘lockdown‘ for the next 60 days, leaving the office open 7 days a week in an effort to scramble to defend against Google’s plans. He’s even got a big neon sign on his door reading as such. You may have seen the recent aesthetic updates to your Photo albums? That’s Mark’s lockdown at work. These lockdowns are allegedly common at Facebook, although with Google entering the social networking arena, none may be more important than this one.

Again though, Zuck, may I point out that you’re so far working on primarily aesthetic changes to combat a company with absolutely no sense of aesthetics? Looking at Google’s entire portfolio of products, one can pretty much make an educated guess that Google isn’t exactly working on something that will offer a beautiful, practical interface experience. Google’s social network will be like Buckley’s. It’ll look awful. And it’ll work. So with that in mind, Mark, wouldn’t it make more sense to quit with the UI updates and focus on something more functional? Y’know, like… privacy? Just sayin’.

By tydunitz

Ty is an illustrator who stays up too late, and has to wear glasses. You can follow him on Twitter if you want to (@glitchritual), but he's just gonna throw your stupid PR crap in the garbage, so don't email him.

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