iPhone 4 Jailbroken – And It’s Legal!

It was only a matter of time before one of those hacker types released a jailbreak for the iPhone 4, but this time they’re really rubbing Apple’s nose in it.

Since the US Library of Congress established a week ago that jailbreaking your iPhone is legal, it’s now simpler than ever – simply browse to www.jailbreakme.com on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, and follow the simple instructions.

The jailbreak even states on the screen “jailbreak to get tweaks and apps Apple won’t allow in the App Store. Free, legal, safe”.

The hack comes courtesy of Comex and his group.

Some issues are being reported by early adopters, particularly iPhone 4 users, including FaceTime and MMS problems, although a fix might be imminent.

Apple’s closed system works exactly as Apple intends, in that any problems with the device they are able to troubleshoot in a closed environment.

Eventually though, the jailbreak scene will grow as it becomes simpler, safer and more accepted. The legality is just an added bonus.

What will Apple do when there are as many jailbroken devices out there as regular iOS devices?

By tobyleftly

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