Microsoft Works With Microsoft To Bring ActiveSync To Hotmail

The tech world is a heated place, with cutthroat competition and backstabbing commonplace.

Microsoft has been known to be as harsh a competitor as anyone out there, particularly now that the CEO position is occupied by the sweaty blob rather than the nerdy philanthropist.

The one company that hoped it would get a break and some cooperation and collaboration from Microsoft is.. Microsoft. But apparently that’s not the case.

Google has had push capability on iOS since v3.0, and embarrassingly for Microsoft, it came courtesy of their ActiveSync technology.

Now finally, that same technology exists in Microsoft’s own Hotmail webmail solution. Push notifications should be ready by Monday, according to Microsoft’s Dharmesh Mehta.

Hotmail has long since given up the cat and mouse game of trying to beat Gmail for features, still relying on having a larger base of active accounts to remain relevant. But that doesn’t stop them from occasionally releasing something their customers might actually find useful.

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