Pink Floyd? More Like... Like... Pink... GONE... Whatever.

Ty Dunitz August 16 Offbeat

If you’re looking for iTunes, Amazon, or other digital releases of Pink Floyd’s material this month, you’ll be appalled and dismayed to find that anything post-Dark Side of the Moon has been wiped off the bright side of the internet.

The move comes after EMI’s contract with the band concerning the albums expired June 30th.  P-Floyd has been looking for a new suitor to take up licensing of the material, but reportedly, their asking price is astronomical. Which is I guess is not outlandish. It is Pink Floyd. Meanwhile, EMI is shaking in its boots, understandably worried that it may have another Radiohead or Paul McCartney on its hands (both of which jumped ship).

Either way, the band had better strike a deal quick – this reminds me of that Beatles/iTunes bruhaha. Yo, Floyd: no one cares if you don’t make a deal. The hardcore fans have already ripped your catalogue from their old LPs and CDs, and new fans will just hit up the Pirate Bay. Just grab some money and get your stuff back on iTunes ASAP, cool? Cool. Thanks, you’re the most.

[via Reuters]

Written by Ty Dunitz

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