Plex Coming To Mac, iPhone In September

On Thursday several rumor sites posted an article about Plex, a Mac-based media center solution, with some hype about an update on September 1st.

Whether they knew it or not, they inadvertently built up some additional rumors about some kind of collaboration with Apple, since their big annual media event is also due September 1st.

Well, it turns out that isn’t the case – Apple didn’t buy Plex, Plex didn’t buy Apple and Apple TV isn’t becoming Plex TV.

It’s still exciting though – Plex Nine is the new version, rewritten for Mac and with a $4.99 version for iPhone and iPad.

Plex sums up the new version with the amusing infographic above.

As some will recall, Plex started life as an open source fork of the XBMC Media Center, although this latest incarnation is a complete rewrite.

For many users, the closed iTunes world is simply not good enough, and Plex just might be the must-have app for them.

Plex allows you to stream media from your Mac or iPad to your TV or other device, and with some tweaking even stream content over 3G.

This is exciting and interesting, I’ll definitely be trying the out. Anyone else?

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