Reddit To Cheezburger: Maybe You Can Haz Us?

When you are a social bookmarking site/community owned by a huge mega-empire like Reddit is (Condé Nast for those not in the know), eventually you will be at odds with your dark lords and masters. The big issue for the Nastmasters on Reddit at the moment is Reddit ads being posted in support of California’s Proposition 19, which is a motion to legalize marijuana in order to profit from the fat tax dollars sure to come from the consumption of the demon weed.

After Ben Huh of the Cheezburger Network noted publicly that, should there be trouble in paradise, he would be interested in acquiring Reddit, Reddit’s founder came back at him with an interest in talking over – of course – cheeseburgers. While not likely to result in any transactions since Nast isn’t going full on Rageosaur over the Prop 19 ads, this public proposal is making us all blush just a little.

By angela

Copywriter by day, Angela's ultimate dream is to open a Fallout-themed pub featuring authentic Squirrel on a Stick and wait staff with Pip-Boys.

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