3DS Dropping In Japan on February 26th, US in March

Ty Dunitz September 29 Gaming

Rejoice! The 3DS finally has a release date, and as you’re probably only here due to having read the above headline, I won’t insult your intelligence nor waste your time by repeating it.

So I guess that holiday release everyone was predicting is out the window. But you can wait for a host of N64-era titles in 3D, right? Of course you can. You’re pretty fly.

But what else has the 3DS got in store? Much, apparently. Not the least of the most important features is the ability to move all your old DSiWare from your DSi or XL to the 3DS – something I for one am especially excited about, if only because if Nintendo decides to repeat the trend, I may be able to move my WiiWare titles to the Wii 2. Y’know, whenever that happens.

The system will come with its own base charger (because, for some reason, gigantic device chargers are vogue now), and will have AR functionality through the use of special cards.

In fact, you know what, why don’t you just slap your eyes all over this video – despite its being in Japanese, it’ll probably still fill you in on some of this stuff more clearly than my ceaseless jabber tends to.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, yeah, and it’s gonna be ¥25,000 ($300). That seems like a pretty reasonable price that we’ll probably see carry over to North America, yeah? Yeah.

Written by Ty Dunitz

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