Because There’s Always Room For More Gundams

I have a couple friends who are big into building scale models of Gundams. I’ve never really understood the appeal (of building tiny giant robots, not of giant robots themselves – they’re the bee’s knees), but it seems to be quite a phenomenon.

Have you ever built a model? Y’know all those little plastic runners that are left over when you’re finished? The ones you had to twist all the little pieces out of? What the hell are you supposed to do with those when you’re done?

Why, you build another Gundam out of them, of course.

A quick trip to Hirotyun‘s web page reveals him to be quite the trash-building Gundam geek, but perhaps none of his projects has been so ambitious as this – a 3-meter-high Gundam replica made entirely out of plastic runners from Gundam kits. The damn thing is so high, he couldn’t complete it in his own house. He had to move it to the local convention center for completion and exhibition. A fitting venue, if you ask me.

For utter geekdom, we salute Hirotyun. Check out this quick vid for a sneak peek of the (nearly) completed model.


By tydunitz

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