Bookies Place Odds on Who AOL Will Buy Next

Following AOL’s acquisition today of technology news site TechCrunch and video service 5min Media, industry insiders are left to wonder what’s next for the online powerhouse.  As such, oddmakers at, a leading sportsbook with top management and line-makers collecting over 150 years of experience, are asking which major player will be next to be added to the company’s growing roster of content sites. Seems like Vimeo and Alltop stand as the most likely to next to be acquired, full odds below:

The next major content player to be acquired by AOL

  • Vimeo (33%)    +200
  • Alltop    (29%)      +250
  • Gamespot  (25%)      +300
  • Mediapost  (16%)       +500
  • Huffington Post (13%)   +700
  • Howcast   (9%)         +1000
  • EzineArticles  (9%)         +1000
  • Funny or Die  (5%)         +2000
  • Other  (4%)         -2500
  •  (2%)          +5000

[The +/- Indicates the Return on the Wager. For Example: Betting on the odd least likely to win would earn the most amount of money, should that happen. The percentage is the likelihood the odd will happen.]

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