Nokia N8 Situation Getting Weirder

Nokia has been in a little bit of a mess for some time now, but their situation doesn’t seem to be improving much. The N8 has been heralded as Nokia’s saviour, the device to put them back in the smartphone race, but now the pressure is mounting.

Due for release at the end of September, rumors surfaced that the N8 would be delayed until October due to some final touches being required. At first Nokia denied the rumors, but then confirmed that the rumors were indeed true.

Now the story changes once more, to the tune that Nokia says carriers are responsible for delays, and that the US will receive shipments at the end of September but UK customers will be left waiting until October.

Furthermore, Nokia’s Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki compared the idea of Nokia switching from MeeGo to Android to Finnish boys peeing in their pants for warmth in winter. Should Nokia move to Android, it would only cause them greater problems down the line.

Eloquent and bizarre metaphors aside, Nokia clearly understands that the N8 has a lot resting on its shoulders, and that it must see success with it’s software and hardware soon, or face obsolescence.

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