This R2 Unit Can’t Repair Your X-Wing, But It’ll Be Your Xbox

If there is a more ambitious case modder than Brian DeVitis, I haven’t heard of him. Not content with having his game consoles anywhere but in one place, Brian has taken the liberty of dismantling and reconfiguring eleven game consoles, a projector, and sound system into one box.

And, naturally, that box is a life-sized R2D2.

Of course it is.

Making its debut at PAX ’10, the droid is a fully-functioning one-stop-shop for classic gaming and includes *deep breath* an NES, Super NES, N64, Gamecube, Genesis, Dreamcast, Atari 5200 and 7800, PSX, PSP, Xbox… and Windows XP, just for good measure.

Power is managed via a bank of switches along one of the legs, and all the little droidy details are, in fact, the controller ports and reset switches and whatnot for the various consoles. Rad as hell.

There’s very little I can say that Brian can’t better than I, so you should probably swing by his page for the project, detailing its three long years of construction.

By tydunitz

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