Want To Stay Home And Be Creepy? There’s a Wii Game For That

It can be a lonely life for creepy guys. Who do you have to talk to when you’re stuck up in a tree looking at some girl through binoculars? No one! Who’s going to bail you out when you get caught rifling through your ex-girlfriend’s garbage? No one!

Well creepy dudes, your salvation is here. The Wii LovePress is a Wii game that could be the salvation of creepy guys who want to ditch the binoculars and just stay in for the night.

The “game” uses the Wii Balance Board to allow “gamers” to massage a virtual girl in the “game”. Characters even respond with phrases such as “No, I believe you are gentle…” or “Stop! Where are you touching?”.

Least shocking in all this perversion is that the game comes from Japan, where being creepy is cute and fun, unlike the stodgy United States.

There is, of course, a video. I’m linking to it at the end of this post because it’s mostly in Japanese, and not nearly as entertaining as you might think. Except the part where one of the demonstrators lovingly strokes his Balance Board.

Leave it to the Japanese to take something serious and concerning like being creepy and make it fun and cool.

By tobyleftly

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