Chilean Miners (Yes, Those Miners) Gifted Free iPods by Jobs

While their story is one of bravery and heroism and all that good stuff (I promise I’m being sincere), everyone and their dog is trying to get a piece of the trapped Chilean miners pie, even Big Steve, who has donated to each of the miners ‘a latest iPod [sic]’, as reported by Reuters.

By ‘a latest’, I’m gonna assume a 32-gig Touch, which is pretty rad, just for sitting in a cave for 69 days. Then again, the miners have also been gifted $10000 each, trips around the world, movie deals, and tickets to sporting events, among other things. Steve’s offering seems more like a quick shot to stay in the public consciousness than anything. And it probably is. But either way, I guess a free iPod’s a free iPod.

If it were me, I’d have appreciated it more if Steve had gotten me a sandwich or something.

By tydunitz

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